Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for a fantastic opening season. From our sponsors who helped with the start up, and your support throughout the season, and our race family and friends that have worked so hard. A huge thank you to our entire MPR team! You made this happen!! Each and everyone of you have contributed to a successful year.

To our racers – YOU are the show and spectators/fans that come out, thank you for your support, suggestions and kind words! The smiles we see let us tell us we are on the right path.

To our community…we hear you and we sincerely hope our improvements make 2021 better for everyone involved. Earlier in the week we submitted our dates for 2021 season and will post them once confirmed. We will continue to make improvements to make the racing and spectating experience even better.

Please watch for updates and info on our website, Instagram and Facebook.

Working together to improve,
Cheryl and Sheldon

MPR Raceway

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